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Electronic registry

Submission in electronic form is possible to the e-mail address posta@hrad.cz

or on technical data carriers to the main registry of Prague Castle (Prague 1 - Hrad, 11908 - entrance from 3rd Courtyard), from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Basic requirements for submission in electronic form

  • Prescribed formats of electronic submission:
    • .HTM, .HTML (hypertext document)
    • .TXT (simple text)
    • .RTF (document in text standard RTF)
    • .PDF (document in format Adobe Acrobat Reader®)
    In the case of use of other formats, the electronic registry may not be able to accept such submissions.
  • If a single submission contains a number of electronic documents, it must be clear which document is the submission itself and which are further electronic attachments of this submission.
  • Only one submission may be sent in one e-mail (or on one technical data carrier).
  • The maximum total size of one e-mail submission (including all attached appendices) is 1 MB.
  • Electronic submissions may be made on the technical data carriers diskette 3.5", CD-ROM.
  • Submissions may be furnished with an electronic signature.

Receipt and processing of electronic submissions

  • Receipt of submissions is confirmed by the electronic registry by an e-mail message to the e-mail address of the sender (unless another manner of communication is requested in advance). The message contains an evaluation of the check (fulfilment of requirements for submission, legibility, e-signature) and if applicable the reason for failure to accept the submission.
  • Electronic submissions are further arranged as ordinary submissions.
  • List of qualified certificates of employees designated for ensuring the operation of the electronic registry:
    • Certificate 1: Kvetoslava Hronova (serial number 1558735)
    • Certificate 2: Jana Miklánková (serial number 1702962)
  • Processing of electronic submissions is governed by the relevant laws legal norms and standards of ISVS for the operation of electronic registries in relation to the use of a guaranteed electronic signature (issued by UVIS No. 016/01.01).

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