The Light within a Picture - Czech Impressionism

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Prague Castle presents the greatest ever exhibition of Czech Impressionism, with 520 paintings by 78 artists loaned by more than fifty state and private institutions (including the National Gallery) on show in the Prague Castle Riding School. The works exhibited represent the movement at its various stages of development and display Czech Impressionism in all its splendour, quality and beauty. The exhibition is conceived from the point of view of the visitor, and the paintings are hung thematically (including sections on Gardens and Parks, Winter, Still Life, Rural Enchantment, Waters, and Groves).

About the exhibition, by its creators:

…It has, after all, dwelt in man from time immemorial, the light in his soul. The question was only when it would be liberated. Overcoming the darkness of the Middle Ages, avoiding the snares of past centuries and of old ideas, it entered mankind’s thinking in the 19th and 20th centuries. Painting too emerged from the shadow of the studios and of contemporary programing into the light of nature – into the sun. In Barbizon especially, but in other European landscapes too, painters began to venerate the sun, nature, the waters and the heavens, truthfulness and colour. It was not only the transience of the moment, the effect of luminous colour, but the truthfulness of the experiences we see regardless of what we know about them. It was the joy of the search for a truth that could be only personal, and could not become a general experience. Impressionism brings us all the same joy of the painting, but maybe for each of us it is different. It came into being in France soon after 1870. 

In the exhibition The Light Within a Picture – Czech Impressionism, Inspiration from near and far, Czech Impressionism is presented in what must undoubtedly be the largest quantity of material ever assembled, and thus intelligible in its shape-shifting diversity while still undeniable in quality and beauty.

We can see the work of more than 70 artists, including for example Oldřich Blažíček, Václav Brožík, Václav Březina, Ota Bubeníček, Bohuslav Dvořák, Antonín Hudeček, Antonín Chittussi, Miloš Jiránek, Alois Kalvoda, František Kaván, Rudolf Kremlička, Ludvík Kuba, Karel Langer, Otakar Lebeda, Luděk Marold, Otakar Nejedlý, Jaroslav Panuška, Jan Preisler, Jindřich Prucha, Václav Radimský, Jakub Schikaneder, Josef Schusser, Antonín Slavíček, Maxmilián Švabinský, Josef Ullmann and Joža Uprka. They include artists credited in world literature as significantly contributing to the Impressionist movement. The exhibition also offers many engaging wayside shrines and even previously unknown paintings, cited in early literature or known only from pre-war periodicals such as Volné směry (Free Trends) and Zlatá Praha (Golden Prague). The exhibition pays homage not only to the great exponents of Impressionism but also to currently forgotten masters.

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Prague Castle Riding School

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10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


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