Hans von Aachen (1552–1615). European Court Painter – display catalogue

Hans von Aachen (1552–1615). European Court Painter – display catalogue


A narrative publication to the premier monographic display of the Rudolfine painter, Hans von Aachen (Imperial Stables of Prague Castle 1.7.-3.10.2010)

Price: 549 CZK including VAT

The first ever complete treatment of the character and creations of Hans von Aachen with an introductory state about his life and works (paintings, drawings and graphics) including essays about iconography and with detailed commentaries to accompany individual pieces. In the appendices, we find the single Czech translation of the artist’s curriculum vitae by Karel van Mander and the latest bibliography.

Both internationally renowned Czech and foreign experts played a role in the representative publication. The catalogue was to accompany the exhibition on Hans von Aachen (1552-1615) a European Court Painter, organised by the Administration at Prague Castle in conjunction with the Suermondt-Ludwig-Museem Aachen and the Kunsthistorisches Museum Wien in the Imperial Stables of Prague Castle (1.7.-3.10.2010).

Czech version, format 24 x 28.7 cm, 296 pages, 234 reproductions, issued by Deutscher Kunstverlag, 2010 (also available English edition)

Available for purchase from the Picture Gallery at Prague Castle or by e-mail order.

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