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Peter Parler - St. Vitus´s Cathedral, 1356 - 1399

Peter Parler - St. Vitus´s Cathedral, 1356 - 1399


Life and work of the famous architect of the St. Vitus´s Cathedral.

Price: 485 CZK including VAT

Authors: Klára Benešovská, Ivo Hlobil, Milena Bravermanová, Petr Chotěbor, Marie Kostílková

Photographs: Jiří Kopřiva, Prokop Paul, Vladimír Uher

includes German resumé

English edition; format 22 x 34 cm; 176 pages; hardback; published by Prague Castle Administration, Prague 1999; first edition; ISBN 80-86161-17-X (English version)

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