Day Two of the V4, Slovenian and Serbian Presidents Summit


On the 3rd October 2019, the Summit of the Visegrad Group Presidents continued and was joined by the president of the Slovenian Republic, B. Pahor, and the president of the Serbian Republic, A. Vučić. This unique occasion enabled an open debate on the highest political level of five EU member state presidents and the president of a candidate country.

The main topic of the meeting was the relationship between the EU and the Western Balkans. There was a strong consensus between the EU member states on the support of the EU ‘open-door’ policy, i.e. on the need to offer credible European prospects to the candidate countries as well as those striving for candidacy. All V4 countries and Slovenia expect the enlargement of the EU to be one of the priorities of the European Commission. The Western Balkans remains one of the constant topics of the foreign policy of all the participating countries.

However, the key role lies with the Western Balkans. The presidents emphasized that any progress of the accession negotiation will always derive from the fulfillment of the required criteria and the resolution of bilateral disputes in the region.

The presidents appreciated Serbian efforts in the adopting and implementing of the national reforms. They welcomed the results Serbia has achieved last year and its determination to continue along its path towards the European Union.

The Serbian president repeated his thanks for the invitation and a long-standing support which the individual V4 countries provide to Serbia. He called the V4 a “tremendous hope” for Serbia and called on the presidents to further promote the process of European integration. The situation in Serbia is far from ideal and Serbia knows well its home tasks, which it is intent on accomplishing. The prospects of European future are a matter of life and death to Serbia.

The Summit was concluded with an informal lunch in the hunting lodge V Luhu in the Lány Game Park. A major part of the presidents’ discussion was devoted to the 30th anniversary of the 1989 events which marked the beginning of a new future for all the V4 participants.

A commemorative stone was unveiled in the Lány Game Park on the occasion of the V4, Slovenia and Serbia Summit.

Jiri Ovcacek, Director of the Press Department and Spokesman for the President