The Czech Republic´s President attends a NATO summit

4/2/2009 , Prague

The Czech Republic´s President Václav Klaus will participate in a NATO summit that will take place during the days 3rd – 4th April 2009 on the occasion of the Treaty´s 60th anniversary in the german Baden-Baden, Kehl and the french Strassbourg.

The president will present a speech concerning the future of the Treaty and the NATO-Russia relations during a work dinner for the national delegations´ leaders in Baden-Baden on Friday 3rd April.

The President and the Czech Republic´s government chairman will attend a NAC act in Strasbourg, where the recent topics relating to the NATO operations will be consulted in the presence of the highest representatives of the Treaty´s membership states.

The President will return back to the Czech Republic on Saturday in the afternoon hours.

Radim Ochvat, Director of the Press Department