The Prague Castle Administration will open the Rosenberg Palace and close the Golden Lane for the time necessary for reconstruction

2/4/2010 , Prague

The opening of the Rosenberg Palace and the closing of the Golden Lane  - novelties affecting tourism at Prague Castle in 2010. The admission fee will not be changed.

The Golden Lane will be closed from 1 May 2010 due to an extensive reconstruction of the road and historical houses there. Because of damaged sewerage, rain water runs into foundations of the houses and affects their statics. The Golden Lane will be closed probably 1 year, real time of closing depends on parallel archeological research. After the reconstruction there will be a new permanent exhibition installed in a part of the Golden Lane documenting the life here in 1600 – 1956.

The Rosenberg Palace  (later Institute of Noblewomen) will be open for public in April 2010 for the first time in its history. The visitors will have a possibility to see unique chapel of the Holy Trinity and Immaculate Conception of the Virgin Mary. Because of its monumentality and fresco decoration the chapel is unrivalled in Prague. The greatly restored Renaissance Rosenberg Hall will be accessible, too

One part of the Rosenberg Palace will be furnished like an apartment of a  noble lady   living in the Institute, which was founded by Empress Maria Theresa.

The exhibition, evoking  the life of an unmarried noble lady will consist of 60 items from the depository of Prague Castle in popular Biedermeier and second rococo styles. Beside the furniture visitors will see also stoves, stationery, lamps, candlesticks, glass, porcelain or timepieces.

The admission fee for the Rosenberg Palace will be included in entrance tickets of Prague Castle (long tour and short tour).

Radim Ochvat, Director of the Press Department