The Address of the President of the Czech Republic on the Occasion of the Prague meeting of the Asia Europe Political Forum


Dear Distinguished Delegates,

It is my great honour to address you on the occasion of the Prague meeting of the Asia Europe Political Forum. The world is witnessing a dramatic course of military, economic and social crises. It is therefore even more special that representatives of various countries from two different continents come together to look for what unites them.

It should be our collective wish for a peaceful coexistence, to bring the opportunities of economic cooperation and as a result, raise living standards of our countries’ citizens. Only together can we find the solution to conflict. The greatest danger in near future is the deepening gap between nations and their social circles.

The European Union, and therefore the Czech Republic, is very much interested in developing good, mutually beneficial economic relations with Asian countries. We all know it is impossible to live on isolated islands. For this reason, I hope your meeting will bring concrete opportunities for development of our political and economic cooperation.

I really appreciate you coming to Prague which I consider the most beautiful city in the world. It is the heart of Europe. My clear wish is that Prague also becomes the heart of a peaceful political and economic cooperation between Europe and Asia.

I wish you a successful meeting. 

Miloš Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic, 10th June 2022