The Speech of the President of the Czech Republic during the Press Meeting to State visit to Israel


Dear Mr. President, Ladies and Gentleman,

In my delegation, there is a Speaker of the Parliament, four ministers, and approximately 70 top entrepreneurs, representatives of high schools and so on. Unfortunately, there is no General Secretary of United Nations, because he is not Czech. Anyway, please understand this composition of my delegation as an expression of concrete and not only formal friendship between our two countries.

I expect deep discussion with you, with Prime Minister and I prepared the speech in Knesset starting with one word only – Shalom.

I was inspired by your idea about one state with two nations, Mr. President, and I know this idea is provocative. Any big and deep idea is provocative. I wonder what will be your argument for this idea, because for many, many decades there is a discussion about two independent states, but frankly speaking I do not see independent state in Gaza Strip, because I understand Hamas as a terroristic organization and not as a state. This is also provocation, Mr. President, and I could imagine the people, mainly journalists, who will protest, but I have permanent battle with Czech journalists and I firmly hope the situation in Israel will be better.

Let me invite you again to the Czech Republic, because Israel is my second country, as you know, and that is why this is my third visit to Israel. I wish Czechia could be your second country.

All the best and good luck, Mr. President.

Miloš Zeman, the President of the Czech Republic, Jerusalem, 26th November 2018