Annex to the Act No. 157/1994 Coll.

Art. 1

The Medal for Heroism shall be awarded by the President of the Republic to honour persons who have shown heroism in combat or performed, at the risk of their own lives, deeds aimed at saving other human lives or substantial material values.

Art. 2

The holder shall receive a numbered medal together with a numbered certificate.

Art. 3

The Medal for Heroism, 33 mm in diameter, is struck of silver. The reverse of the medal bears the Greater Coat of Arms of the Czech Republic and the registration number. The medal is suspended, through a perpendicular loop and a movable ring, from a breast ribbon, threaded through, 38 mm wide, which is golden yellow-white-red-blue-golden yellow, the widths of the stripes being 14.5:3:3:3:14.5 mm. The substitute ribbon is 38x10 mm in size.

Art. 4

The medal "in natura" or the substitute ribbon is to be worn on the left side of the breast. On ceremonial occasions the medal shall be worn "in natura". When the holder appears in civilian attire an 8-mm-wide ribbon may be worn on the left lapel, threaded through the buttonhole.

Art. 5

The affairs relating to the Medal for Heroism shall be administered by the Office of the President of the Republic.

Art. 6

The design of the medal shall be chosen on the basis of a competition of tenders invited by the Office of the President of the Republic.

Sections 847 and subsequent of the Civil Code