Do you have questions about current exhibitions, upcoming concerts or permanent exhibitions?
Email us at zc.darh@arutluk

Are you interested in the accompanying programme of events, including lectures and guided tours of exhibitions?
Email us at zc.darh@inavaledzv

Would you like to clarify or cancel a booking you have already made?
Email us at zc.darh@ecavrezer

Do you need information on short-term space rentals or commercial guided tours for groups?
Email us at zc.darh@ymjanorp

Are you interested in information on tours, admission fees or simply don't know who to contact?

Contact our information centres:

Information Centre on the 3rd Courtyard
tel: +420 224 37 2434, +420 224 37 2435

Information Centre one the 2nd Courtyard
tel: +420 224 37 2415, +420 224 37 2419

Tour guide services
tel: +420 224 37 3584

email: zc.darh@ofni