Annual Concert of the Band of the Castle Guard and the Police of the Czech Republic for the Year of Czech Music 2024

Love and Landscape

 Love and landscape are an essential part of everyone's life. They have always influenced and co-created it, often directly defining it, and since time immemorial they have also been an inspiration for artists of all disciplines. The colourful depiction of the scenery in which the love story is set and which breathes along with it is an extraordinary theme in Czech music. In its year, it is therefore proposed to walk through the Czech landscape painted by Czech composers and let everything they have put into it for us resound in it.


Bedřich Smetana - Valdštýnův tábor, pochod
Antonín Dvořák - Vodník
Jan Zástěra - Caverna magicae
Václav Nelhýbel - Corsican Litany
Bohuslav Martinů - Malá suita z Komedie na mostě
Vítězslav Novák - Zamilovaní
Leoš Janáček - Moravská lidová poezie v písních
Zdeněk Fibich - Poem
Antonín Dvořák - Můj domov


the Band of the Castle Guard and the Police of the Czech Republic
vocals Miroslava Časarová
conductors: Václav Blahunek (Nelhýbl, Martinů), Jiří Kubík (Smetana, Dvořák),
Jan Zástěra (Novák, Janáček, Fibich)

Change of programme reserved.

Date and place

Spanish Hall

Sunday, 26th May 2024, 6:00 p.m.


Tickets are on sale in the Information Centre in the 3rd courtyard

Basic: 300 CZK

Reduced: 150 CZK

(Disability ID Card holders, children up do age 16, students up to age 26, adults 65 years old and older) 

Castle map