Permanent exhibition, The Story of Prague Castle

The permanent exhibition, The Story of Prague Castle was opened seven years ago, in April 2004, with the aim in mind of reminding local as well as foreign visitors of the thousand –year old history of the place in which Czech national history was made.

Set on the authentic premises of the Gothic floor in the Old Royal Palace, items guaranteed to provide an interesting experience primarily refer to original relics from the Prague Castle collection, supplemented texts on panels and detailed descriptions of exhibits (in Czech and English).

The concept of the exhibition had to be adapted to the constraints of the palace space and so it was decided to separate the display into two main parts, of which the first route acquaints us in chronological order with distinguished representatives of the Czech state, key historical events and the constructional development of the castle groups from pre-historical times until 20th century. The second route uses extensive stories to convey inspiring topics across history, which were directly linked to Prague Castle:  The Story of Czech Patrons, the Story of Churches and Cathedrals, The Story of the Burial, the Story of the Feasting and others.

Interactive programmes also feature as part of the exhibition including a visualisation of the constructional development on the castle grounds and important information relating to a given era in Europe, the Czech lands and at Prague Castle.  A non-traditional children’s programme has been put together for children whereby, by travelling back in time, they take on the role of the assistant to one of the historical figures connected to the castle grounds. The programme is adapted to meet the school curriculum in the first and second key stages at Czech primary school.  As part of the exhibition, a film is also projected on Transformations in Prague Castle which brings us closer to the secluded world of the thousand-year old office of rulers and non-displayed castle relics.  An extensive publication depicting period cultural and spiritual life from the Middle Ages to the present day illustrated with many photographs has also been released for display. The exhibition was not however conceived as a static one but rather having been created with the idea of adding or exchanging exhibits, which has been the case over the past five years. This has primarily referred to newly preserved relics such as the funeral gowns of Czech rulers, Renaissance glass and others. In addition, entire Stories have been reinstated, introducing the Story of the Crowning, Story of the Mammoth, Story of Heat etc... A lecture cycle runs throughout the whole process, during which listeners are brought the latest snippets of knowledge on a variety of topics linked either closely or more loosely to the castle exhibition.

Date and place

Summer season: 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Winter season: 9 a.m. - 4 p.m.


Entry fee to the Story of Prague Castle as part of a ticket to the Prague Castle - Permanent Exhibition circuit.

combined ticket to the Story of the Prague Castle, Prague Castle Picture Gallery, Castle Guard Permanent Exhibition


Basic fee: 250,- CZK

Discounted fee: 175,- CZK
(children from 6 to 16 years, High School and University students up to 26 years, seniors from 65 years)

Family fee: 500,- CZK
(1-5 children up to 16 years  and max. 2 adults): 

Primary school classes up to 30 pupils (upon purchasing tickets for the Prague Castle - Permanent Exhibion circuit, upon presenting a  list of names confirmed by the school + max. 2 accompanying persons): 150,- CZK

Children from preschools plus accompaniment: free
(upon presenting the list of names confirmed by the school)

Children up to 6 years: free

Holders of serious disability / serious disability plus guide Id cards + 1 accompanying party: free

Guides with a licence for accompanying clients with a purchased ticket to visitor premises within Prague castle: free

no separate entry fee to the exhibition has been indicated for these categories

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