Reborn in the Tapestry

Czech tapestry production in Wallachia emerged in the late 19th centruy thanks to the artist Rudolf Schlattauer, who had mastered tapestry weaving in Scandinavia. During the 125-year-long tradition of the Moravian Tapestry Manufactory in Valašské Meziříčí, the art of tapestry making has been cultivated through intergenerational experience and artistic ambition, a tradition that continues to be developed in the manufactory´s creative atmosphere. The exhibition held in the Imperial Stables of Prague Castle represents a selection from the contemporary output of this first Czech tapestry manufactory.

The theme of the exhibition is the rebirth of a work of art in tapestry form, a process that consists in the art of reinterpreting an original design and its transposition into a textile artwork in its own right. The displayed monumental tapestries were made based on motifs of works created by prominent Czech artists: Josef Čapek, Karel Malich, Jiří Sopko and Petr Nikl, and on designs of the tapestry manufactory´s art manager, Jan T. Strýček. The nukleus of the exhibition comprises eleven tapestries inspired by the visually expressive linocuts of Josef Čapek. The distinctive ensemble is an eloquent testimony to the timeless humanistic legacy of the artist, a sworn pacifist, which also attests to the importat message conveyed through tapestry art.

The exhibition is organised by the Office of the President of the Republic, Prague Castle Administration and Moravian Tapestry Manufacture.


Exhibition guide, 20 CZK, available at the cash desk in the exhibiton.

Date and place

Imperial Stables at the Prague Castle

1.2. - 23.4. 2023

open daily 10 am - 6 pm


Adults: 140 CZK

Discount: 60 CZK

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