Water at Prague Castle and hyacinths and amaryllises

For the fourth time there will be an exhibition in the Early Spring at Prague Castle series, which will be held in the Empire Glasshouse in the Royal Garden. This time it is devoted to the topic of water, hyacinths and amaryllises. Visitors will see the benefits and beauty of the castle’s wells, fountains, ponds and streams. Also the mediaeval water pipes, Baroque tunnels in the walls and various historical objects such as drills, pumps, spouts, fire buckets, chamber pots and toilets that are so important for life. Items from Prague Castle’s collections will combine with the floral promenade prepared by the castle’s gardeners. It will consist of a flood of flowering bulbs: thousands of intoxicatingly fragrant hyacinths and large amaryllis (Hippeastrum) flowers in many varieties. So remember the dates for this much-anticipated exhibition at a time when our gardens are still hibernating.

Date and place

Empire Glasshouse in the Royal Garden

10 am - 5:30 pm (last entrance at 5 pm)


20,- CZK

Castle map