Prague Castle in the 19th Century

Prague Castle in the 19th Century


Guide (Czech-English)

Price: 180 CZK

This guide to Prague Castle in the nineteenth century was written for those, although they canot experience that time for themselves, are interested to know "what went on at the Castle"; who lived there and what was happening during a time not really so long ago, but whose actual events are already completely forgotten - or known only through the distorting prism of tendentious historical interpretations. This guide offers not a historical, but a factual answer for the period bounded by the years 1800 to 1899. The delimitation is a practical one, because from the historical viewpoint of Hobsbawm´s "long nineteenth century" (1789-1914) two short nineteenth centuries (1792-1848 and 1848-1918) actually took place at Prague Castle. (Petr Kroupa)

Author: Petr Kroupa

Czech-English edition, format 15,5 x 24 cm; 160 pages, published by Prague Castle Administration, Prague 2020, first edition, ISBN 978-80-88315-07-0

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