Curriculum Vitae

Petr Pavel
President of the Czech Republic

Date of birth: 1 Nov 1961, Czech Republic 
Languages:   English, French, Russian 

Mr Pavel has many years of military experience spanning from 1983 to 2018, ascending from a Special Purpose Airborne Reconnaissance Platoon Leader to the Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces. Notably, he chaired the NATO Military Committee from 2015 to 2018, further solidifying his expertise and leadership within the international defence community. Throughout his career, he led various positions, such as the Commander of Special Forces Brigade or the Deputy Military Representative of the Czech Republic to the EU.  

After retiring from the army, Mr Pavel continued his dedication to public service, engaging in civil society initiatives and as a freelance lecturer on defence, security, and international relations. In 2022, as an independent candidate nominated by the citizens and supported by a central-right coalition government, he announced his candidacy for the presidential election, which he won in January 2023. Subsequently, in March 2023, he was inaugurated as the 4th President of the Czech Republic. 



1983-1985 Special purpose airborne reconnaissance platoon leader 

1985-1988 Commander, special purpose airborne reconnaissance company 

1988-1991 Military intelligence postgraduate course 

1991-1993 Military intelligence officer 

1993-1994 Deputy Military and Air Attaché of the Czech Republic in Belgium 

1994-1996 Military intelligence officer 

1996-1997      Aide-de-camp to the Director of Military Intelligence 

1997-1999 Commander, Special Forces Brigade 

1999-2002 Aide-de-camp to the Director of Operations, RC North, Brunssum, the Netherlands 

2002 Deputy Commander, Mechanised Division 

1 Dec 2002 Promoted Brigadier-General 

2002-2003 Commander of Special Forces 

Jan-Apr 2003 National Military Representative in US CENTCOM, Tampa, U.S.A. and in US CENTCOM Forward, Qatar 

2003-2005 Deputy Joint Force Commander 

2006-2007 Deputy Director MoD Operations Division – Director of Operations Branch 

2007-2009 Deputy Military Representative of the Czech Republic to the EU, Brussels, Belgium 

8 May 2010 Promoted Major-General 

1 Jul 2011 Deputy Chief of the General Staff – Chief of Staff 

8 May 2012 Promoted Lieutenant-General 

2012-2015 Chief of the General Staff 

8 May 2014 Promoted General 

20 Sep 2014 Elected as Chairman of the NATO Military Committee 

2015-2018 Chairman of the NATO Military Committee