The Speech of the President of the Czech Republic at the UN Security Council


Mr. President,


It is an honour to address the Security Council today on this matter and I thank the Albanian Presidency for this opportunity.

We teach our children to play by the rules. To develop friendly and respectful relations and to prevent conflicts. This globally shared notion we, the Member States of the UN Family, reflected in the international rules in order to secure a peaceful and prosperous life for our societies.

And yet, Russia, a Permanent Member of this Security Council, launched a full-fledged invasion and leads a brutal and unprovoked war of aggression against its neighbour. In a blatant violation of the United Nations Charter. It is an outrageous insult to the rules-based order, and thus to the entire international community.

Time and again, we have been bitterly re-taught the lesson that the aggressor̕ s voracity only grows while he devours his prey. This is not only about Russia and Ukraine, this concerns us all. The ultimate victory of Ukraine means victory of the rule of law and respect to others, while its defeat would allow lawless brutality to prevail. That´s why I believe that no country may be genuinely neutral to this conflict.

Russia must completely and unconditionally withdraw all of its troops and military equipment from the entire territory of Ukraine. The Kremlin leadership must face consequences and be brought to justice.

Due to Russia’s aggression, people are dying again in Europe. But the impacts of the war go far beyond the region. By violating the fundamental rights of Ukraine to its independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity, Russia is putting peace and security at risk globally !!! inspiring possible followers.!!! Further, we cannot but condemn Russia’s cynical decision to terminate the Black Sea Grain Initiative. It has led to massive increases of food prices. And it bluntly demonstrates how little Russia cares about the day-to-day struggle of the most vulnerable ones. The international community, and almost all members of this Security Council, have already expressed its desire for peace in Ukraine. But clearly, no one wants peace more than the Ukrainians themselves. A just and lasting peace. A peace that does not reward the aggressor. And this is why we support President Zelenskyy's efforts in his Peace Formula. It is only Ukraine who can set the terms of any peace solution.

Mr. President,


As you know, my country has its own paintfull experience with Russian that time called international assistance. They came without being asked to assist us against us. Today we call it by proper name imperialism and expansionism. We have been there. Czechia therefore feels a strong solidarity with Ukraine and its people. I am truly thankful that our government and our society have been supporting Ukraine so wholeheartedly. We are determined to stay side-by-side with Ukraine and support it as long as it takes. Until peace and rule of law are restored.

Thank you.

Petr Pavel, the President of the Czech Republic, New York, 20th of September 2023