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Annual Report for the year 2004

On providing information pursuant to the Act 106/1999 Coll., on free access to information

Number of accepted and handled applications for information

 Received in totalHandled directlyReferred for processing
Applications (Section 18 para. 1 letter (a)) 3 2 0
Appeals (Section 18 para. 1 letter (a)) 0 0 0

All accepted applications for information have been handled directly to the point by the appropriate departments of the Office of the President of the Republic.

Section 18 para. 1 letter (a)

Number of lodged applications for information: 3

Section 18 para. 1 letter (b)

Number of appeals lodged against the decision: 0

Section 18 para. 1 letter (c)

Copy of substantial parts of each judgement of court: 0

Section 18 para. 1 letter (d)

Outcome of proceedings on penalties for violation of this Act with no personal details given: 0