Annual Report for the year 2007

On provision of information according to Act No. 106/1999 Coll., on free access to information

Numbers of accepted and settled requests for information

 Received in totalSettled directlyTransferred for settlement
Requests (Section 18 paragraph 1, letter a) 15 15 0
Appeal (Section 18 paragraph 1, letter a) 0 0 0

Section 18 paragraph 1, letter a)

Number of requests made for information: 15

Section 18 paragraph 1, letter b)

Number of appeals made against ruling: 0

Section 18 paragraph 1, letter c)

Copy of significant parts of each court judgement in the case of examination of the legality of decision by obliged entity to refuse request for provision of information:

On 12 July 2007, the Supreme Administrative Court ruled by judgement issued under ref. no. 2 As 89/2006 - 107 in the law case of the plaintiff J.K. jr., residing at R.n/L., against the defendant KPR in proceedings about the legal action of the plaintiff against resolution by the Municipal Court in Prague of 7 June 2006, issued under ref. no. 5 Ca 206/2005 - 35, overruling the resolution of the Municipal Court in Prague and returning the case to that court for further proceedings.

Prague City Court has not yet ruled in the case.

Section 18, paragraph 1, letter d)

Calculation of provided exclusive licences: 0

Section 18 paragraph 1, letter e)

Number of complaints made according to Article 16a, reasons for their submission and method of settling them: 0

Section 18 paragraph 1, letter f)

Further information:

Requests for provision of information related to individual privileges, amnesty, details for appointing specific judges and official trips abroad by the president of the country.

Three requests indicated as request for provision of information were dealt with in accordance with the provision in Section 14 paragraph 5, letter c of Act No. 106/1999 Coll., and the requests were deferred.

The procedure was justified to the applicants and communicated within the period determined by law.