Royal Garden

The originally Renaissance garden founded in 1534 became one of the few quiet places in the centre of Prague. The garden is located on the site of old medieval vineyards.

Royal Garden

Royal Garden was commissioned by the Habsburg Ferdinand I. From the owners he gradually bought old vineyards beyond the valley of the Brusnice stream and had a Renaissance garden laid out here, which later became famous for its rare botanical specimens and the exotic plants gained from distant countries. From the very beginning, there were situated a number of buildings serving the entertainment of the nobility: the Ball Game Hall, the Royal Summer Palace, the Lion Court. Currently the garden follows the tradition of an "English-style" park created there in the mid 19th century, but it also contains elements of Renaissance character (giardinetto near the Royal Summer Palace) as well as Baroque elements (ornamental flower beds). It can be approached via three entrances: two western gates from the street U Prašného mostu and the northern gate near the Royal Summer Palace.

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Visitors can find beautiful flower beds in this part of the garden.
A romantic part of the garden with floral decoration in Czech national colours and short avenue of shaped horse chesnut trees.
Singing fountain is an excellent work of Tomáš Jaroš, metal founder from Brno, from 1564 – 68. It is called „singing“ because of the sound of water drops falling down to the bronze bowl. The fountain is placed in so called „giardinetto“ in front of the Royal Summer Palace of Queen Anne.
Visitors can find beautiful flower beds in this part of the garden.
Ornamental flower beds in front of the former residence where almost all presidents of the Czechoslovak republic lived.
Nice flower beds can be seen in the garden from April to October.


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