How to get here?

The access to Prague Castle complex is easy. There are several tram stops nearby (Královský letohrádek, Pražský hrad, Pohořelec) and also two metro stations (Malostranská, Hradčanská). The visitors use mostly tram No. 22 (stop called Pražský hrad) - option 1. Then they leave the Castle through the Old Castle Stairs to metro station Malostranská - option 4.

Castle map 1 Option 1 – the easiest 2 Option 2 – pleasant walk down the hill 3 Option 3 – demanding way with a view of the roofs of Lesser Town 4 Option 4 – shorter way through the Old Castle Staircase 5 Option 5 – the way through the Royal Garden, only in summer season

Plan trip

Option 1

(the easiest)

Use the tram No. 22 to stop Pražský hrad, turn left and in 5 minutes you reach the 2nd Courtyard of Prague Castle.


Option 2

(pleasant walk down the hill)

Use tram No. 22 to Pohořelec and go down the hill. In 10 minutes you reach Hradčany square. Entrance is possible via the IV. Courtyard.

Option 3

(demanding way with a view of the roofs of Lesser Town)

By the tram No. 22 to Malostranské náměstí, then turn to the street Zámecká and after 15 metres turn left to Thunovská street, it takes you to the New Castle Stairs. Climb the steps up to Hradčanské square with the Gate of Giants. The entrance to Prague Castle is nearby (via the IV. Courtyard).

Option 4

(shorter way through the Old Castle Staircase)

Take metro-line A (green) to station Malostranská, then follow the tram No. 22, after 100 metres turn left to the Old Castle Stairs and climb the steps up to the gate Na Opyši.

Option 5

(the way through the Royal Garden, only in summer season)

Use the tram No. 22 to Královský letohrádek stop and enter the garden. Pass the Royal Summer Palace and go through the garden and within 15, 20 minutes you reach Prague Castle Riding School.