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St. Wenceslas vineyard and Villa Richter

Following a comprehensive several-year restoration, the Saint Wenceslas Vineyard and the classicist summer house Villa Richter (A.D. 1836) at Prague Castle were ceremonially opened to the public in September 2008.

St. Wenceslas vineyard and Villa Richter

The area of this national cultural monument, delimited by a high enclosure wall and occupying the dominant position on the rocky promontory above the Old Castle Stairs between Klárov and Jelení příkop (Deer Moat), can be entered and exited through two entrances/exits - through the entrance directly opposite the Prague Castle gate from Černá věž (Black Tower) and through the gate at the lower part of the Old Castle Stairs from Klárov.

The restored Saint Wenceslas Vineyard is located in the central part of the grounds, on the southern slope between the buttress wall of the Old Castle Stairs and the upper scenic ridgeway. Legend has it that it is the oldest vineyard in Bohemia. Originally, the "divine vineyard" was reputedly cultivated by the patron saint of the Czech nation, Prince Wenceslas. The renovated vineyard was opened to visitors to Prague Castle in the year marking the 1100th anniversary of Saint Wenceslas's birth. Its history is thus inextricably linked with the origination of Czech statehood and the adoption of Christianity. The area is exceptional in the fact that this extremely well positioned piece of land in the middle of the city has been preserved in its original, unaltered appearance.

Its landmark is a classicist summerhouse - Villa Richter - with its northern and southern terrace, as well as the adjacent pergola, dividing the Saint Wenceslas Vineyard lengthwise into northern and southern parts. After the Kinsky Summerhouse, Villa Richter is the second-most famous classicist building in Prague.

The grounds' unique location affords unbroken panoramic views of the Old Town, the Lesser Side and the Belvedere summerhouse, well worth visiting in their own right.

In co-operation with leading specialists, the Saint Wenceslas Vineyard and Villa Richter are preparing culinary, vinicultural and social/cultural events focused on both the local and the tourist clientele. The extensive grounds are enclosed by a high wall lining the Old Castle Stairs along the southern side. This is yet another reason why they are an ideal venue for holding exclusive social and congress events for up to 800 participants. Thus, in 2008 multifunctional grounds unique both in terms of their location and scope were opened to visitors to the centre of old Prague in a place that previously had not been accessible to the public. Within the grounds of the Saint Wenceslas Vineyard, the past and present of Czech and Moravian viniculture are presented in co-operation with the Viniculture Fund of the Czech Republic.

Forming part of the grounds is the VILLA RICHTER Restaurants complex, comprising three operating units mainly focused on experience gastronomy and combination of wine and food:

VILLA RICHTER Panorama Pergola

A sightseeing restaurant beneath the pergola focused on presentation of Czech and Moravian wines, specialising in light gastronomy and delicacies perfectly suited to fine wines.


A restaurant focused on home-made festive Czech cuisine.


An elite restaurant with a superb glasshouse in an exclusive location, focused on haute cuisine.

The Saint Wenceslas Vineyard and Villa Richter are open to the public all year round, from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. At the present time, entry to the grounds is free upon respecting the provisions of the Visiting Regulations, which are available to visitors by the entrances. The operator reserves the right to change the stipulated visiting hours due to the taking place of social and cultural events within the grounds. The entrance fee to special events will be published in the respective advertisements and by the entrances to the grounds.

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The western part of the Saint Wenceslas Vineyard is adjacent to Prague Castle in the vicinity of the Black Tower, from where the vineyard and the Villa Richter grounds can be entered.
The recently restored vineyard, on the site of the oldest vineyard in Bohemia (legend has it, established by Prince Wenceslas), is located above the Old Castle Stairs.
- In fine weather you can savour a glass of wine directly in the vineyard, either in the French-style restaurant or on the Panorama Pergola sightseeing terrace located right in the middle of the vineyard (in the background of the photo).
Villa Richter, set amid the Saint Wenceslas Vineyard, houses the stylish Piano Nobile restaurant on the first floor, while the Piano Terra restaurant (specialised in Czech cuisine) can be found on the ground floor.
Villa Richter towers above the lower entrance to the Deer Moat. The view of night-time Prague from the villa’s windows is unparalleled among restaurants in the city’s historical centre.
Today, the restored lounges in the classicist Villa Richter serve for dining experiences of the highest order. The superb cuisine is augmented by a perfect view of old Prague.


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