Great South Tower of the Cathedral

This nearly 100 metres high tower offers a unique view of Prague. The climb of more than 280 steps also presents the view of the bells of the Cathedral.

Great South Tower of the Cathedral

The construction of the tower was started by the architect Peter Parler already at the end of the 14th century. However, it has not been completed in the Gothic style. In the 16th century, the view gallery and helmet were added. The latter was replaced by a new dome in the 18th century.

The biggest bell in the country, weighing about 15 tons, is called Zikmund. The bell is from 1549 and was cast for the second try. It has gorgeous relief decorations, some of the motives were used in Bohemia for the first time (prints of coins and medals). 6 bell-ringers are necessary to swing the bell into motion - 4 to swing the bell, 2 to manipulate the clapper.

 On 15th June 2002 during the pealing on the occasion of the feast of St. Vitus, the clapper cracked. As legends say this means an upcoming disaster. In August of that year, a disastrous flood arrived.

Do you know that during the climb, you will test your physical condition and be rewarded with... a gorgeous view? We hope you will forgive our ancestors that they neglected to consider less trained tourists and that you will set out to conquer the 287 steps and enjoy the view of one of the most beautiful cities of the world.

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Great South Tower of the Cathedral


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